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Helping smooth the transition in to GA4 and beyond

The Challenge

ScS has evolved from a general home furnishing store to one of the UK’s leading sofa and carpet specialists. Their business was founded in 1894, in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear.

Over the next 125 years they have successfully grown their business through offering quality sofas and carpets and putting customers first. They have now opened 101 stores across the country from as far north as Aberdeen all the way down to Plymouth. Today they employ over 1,500 people across the UK and are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

SCS needed a partner to complement their internal teams support across data governance, data compliance, training, CRO, general consultancy and making the most out of their data.

The Strategy

Our request to Fabric was to help us make the most out of our data sets and help us become as self sufficient as possible. Fabric Analytics took the time to understand our business and requirements; they fully immersed themselves with us including time onsite. They firstly started by reconfiguring the GA4 account to ensure 100% robust data and all the advanced functionality enabled. The deliverables included intuitive dashboards, segmentation with user friendly visualisations. The team provided support in relation to optimising our website, technical dataLayer implementation, and training. Fabric managed to merge extensive datasets using BigQuery and GCP, employing advanced approaches to extract meaningful insights. The team’s expert level in these areas allowed us to unearth crucial patterns and trends, enhancing the our strategic decision-making.

The Result


Robust GA4 data


Team members trained


I couldn’t be happier with the services provided by Fabric Analytics in relation to data and analytics. As the Director of Digital Experience for SCS, my role is to use data-driven insights to enhance the digital shopping experience and Fabric have helped us immensely.

Jade Denham

Director of Digital Experience. SCS

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