GA4 Configuration

We appreciate the new launch of Google Analytics 4 can be overwhelming to get right. It’s evolving constantly, with new measurement methods, metrics and configuration has completely changed from GA3.

But don’t worry – Fabric have the experience, depth of knowledge and technical know how to help you make the most out of this new exciting platform!

How do we do it?

Our specialist team will fully configure your analytics account against our proprietary 125 point scorecard.

Deliverables / outputs

  • 1/2 day measurement workshop to understand requirements and document expected outputs
  • Configuration of GA 4 property against our propitiatory 125 point framework
  • Tag implementation via tag management solution
  • Fully configured analytics account with advanced functionality enabled including account governance, data streams, data collection, integrations, attribution and reporting
  • Ecommerce events (where relevant) will be installed and configured with reports created to understand behaviour and to use as audiences
  • Provide dataLayer schema and help to implement with your developers
  • Bespoke dashboard to understand differences in GA3 vs GA4


A robust, accurate and trustworthy Analytics account is absolutely vital for any business when making data driven business decisions. Being able to understand and trust the metrics you see helps you to measure and optimise performance of your website, app and digital campaigns all in one place.